What We Do


Equestricare Equine Sports Massage

Equine sports massage is the therapeutic application of hands on techniques long recognized fit the purpose of increasing circulation and range of motion as well as for improving the horses stamina and overall performance. Over use, over stretching and over loading of muscles can cause tissue lesions which can restrict motion and create pain.

The goal of sports massage is to return the animal to optimum performance by providing pain free function.

Benefits are -

-Increases circulation

-increases flexibility, gait quality and range of motion 

-Enhancement of muscle tone and lengthening of muscle fibres

-increases healing of injury 

-improve balance and posture

-improves disposition 


-relieves muscle spasms , knots and tension 

-enhances performance 

-eliminates toxins 

-boosts general well-being 

Equine Postural Release

EPR is a non force manual therapy and is indirect structural adjustment techniques and postural adjustment exercises. 

Equine postural release was developed by Zarna Carter from her training in ortho-biomomy translating positional release, isometrics, postural exercises and applying the non force approach to suit the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the horse. It was developed with the help of veterinary osteopaths, horse trainers and bare foot trimmers, epr students and practitioners, ortho-bionomy instructors and many brilliant horses! 

Equestricare Tissue Mobilization

Tissue mobilization involves the application of Manual techniques, The purpose of which is to stretch and release the soft tissue of the body that supports those certain joints.

The aim of tissue mobilization is to work on the tissues surrounding the most important joints of the body in order to release any tension to keep them functioning effectively and take them through their full range of motion.

Veterinary Equine Kinesiology Vetkin Taping

Kinesiology is the science of movement. The tape allows full range of motion while interacting via a lifting motion with the skin. The way the tape is applied determines its action on the body. 

The aim when applied correctly is to maintain mobility and activate different systems to improve body function.

Benefits -

  • reduce swelling , inflammation and pain 
  • Healing
  • Recovery from injury , recovery from post exercise or competition 
  • Reduce build up of toxic by products of the tissue 
  • Reduction of muscle spasms 
  • Support joints, tendons, ligaments 
  • Aid in early performance fatigue 
  • Assist in the biomechanics of joints and muscles - contraction and relaxation and influencing proprioceptive reflexes 
  • Support weakness
  • Support biomechanical dysfunction 
  • Improve strength and range of motion 
  • Decrease fatigue 

Equestricare Red light/Photonic therapy

Red light therapy is a natural method that works by promoting the body’s immune responses, own methods of controlling pain and it’s own healing abilities. It uses a safe, non invasive and painless beam of light of a designated wave length. 

Red light therapy has the ability to address physiological, mental and emotional issues. 

Tools Used


Red Light Therapy Pad/Wrap

Red light therapy pad/wrap perfect for wrapping around the legs or simply placing on the top line of the horse. This special pad has two different types of lights - visible red light and infared light which penetrates up to 50mm or more in depth. The infared lights are for the deeper muscle structures, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and organs. The visible red light is for wounds, cuts, scars, trigger and acupuncture points, and is particularly effective in treating infections. It is effective in treating the following conditions-


✖️Back Pain

✖️All Joint Pain


✖️Cushings Disease

✖️Infertlity / Cycling

✖️Skin Conditions

✖️Laminitis (Founder)


✖️Navicular Disease

✖️All Muscular Pain


✖️Poll Tension

✖️Tendon Sprains

✖️Shin Soreness

✖️Performance Enhancement

✖️Stomach Ulcers

I’ve found this to be really effective for tight muscles over the back and lumbar. I also use this pad on dogs with arthritis or pre/post surgery. 

Aah Red Light

The red light torch is a safe, natural, non-invasive way to promote healing and control pain. Essentially is the same as acupuncture except non invasive. There are 361 accu-points on the horses body in which it it used to target a variety of conditions and ailments; however, it is most beneficial for pain management. This tool is used on every single horse I visit.

Red Light Poll Cap

Perfect for horses carrying a lot of tension in the poll or jaw. It works the same as the regular red light wrap, except positions perfectly over the poll over the ears and can’t be shaken off ! It stimulates very important Acupuncture and trigger points to create the ultimate therapeutic effect. I absolutely love the impact it has on the horses

Aah Blue Light Torch

This blue light is completely non invasive and natural way to heal skin conditions as it’s anti bacterial and anti fungal. It is also very beneficial at removing excess heat in an area - similar to an icing effect. I bought this for my horse who had laminitis to reduce inflammation and worked extremely well.

Rockblades (IASTM) Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization.

One is metal and one is plastic.

These two amazing tools not only save my hands and fingers from being over worked it provides a variety of muscle or fascial techniques. IASTM assist in reducing adhesions/scar tissue and increase healing rates of targeted tissue. I particularly like using them on the hamstrings and gluteals and the horses will often show you some funny facial expressions.