2019 Sponsorship Application

There is no shortcut to your horses well-being

Thankyou for taking an interest into potentially gaining sponsorship with Equalize Equine Therapy. 

We are based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. 

We are committed to helping horses live pain free and perform at their very best. 

Sponsorship Details


What you will receive as your Sponsorship

Being apart of the Equalize Equine Therapy team of Sponsored riders means you will receive:

  • Equalize Equine Therapy Hat and Shirt
  • Equalize Equine Therapy Banner
  • Equalize Equine Therapy Car and Float Magnets
  • Logo patch for saddlecloths 
  • A Massage/Redlight Treatment for ONE horse every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • $45 Massages for any other horse in YOUR care (These massages are 50% off). 

What we expect from you in return

Being apart of the Equalize Equine Therapy Team of Sponsored Riders requires you to:

  • To represent yourself in a professional matter at ALL competitions. 
  • To promote Equine Sports Therapy (especially Equalize Equine Therapy) to the wider Equestrian Community. 
  • A minimum of Monthly Updates on your Event/s, which will be published on our Facebook and Instagram Pages. 
  • An Active Social Media presence by tagging either Equalize Equine Therapy or Brittney Anning when being massaged or when you are out competing.
  • Equalize Equine Therapy should be noted as an individual sponsor in any media interviews you undertake, should your show entries permit. 
  • Share and Comments on a weekly basis for Equalize Equine Therapy's Facebook and Instagram Posts. 
  • Display business cards and flyers at Big Competitions or be willing to hand out business cards. 
  • Shirt and/or Hat is to be worn where possible at events (competing or not).
  • Banners and Magnets should be visible at all times