Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sports Massage?

Equine Sports Massage is the therapeutic application of hands-on techniques, that is long recognised for the purpose of increasing circulation and range of motion as well as for improving the horse’s stamina and overall performance.  It also relieves muscle spasm and tension and enhances muscle tone.  

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What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a non invasive way to promote healing and treat pain. It is used to treat specific accupoints along the surface of the horses body as well as treating the twelve meridians. 

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Cost Per Session

It’s $90 per horse and if we use kinesiology tape it’s between $10-$20 extra to cover cost of the tape

What Payment Methods do you accept?

Payment methods accepted is cash or eftpos (as long as there is reception).


How long is each treatment?

This depends on a number of migrating factors, however generally a session is around an hour and two for the initial session. It may take longer than expected so please allow extra time. 

How many Treatments will my Horse need?

This will depend on each individual horse and their body conditions requirements. Generally speaking each horse will most likely require the initial massage treatment followed by atleast one follow up session, no further than three weeks apart. Red light therapy works best when treated three times a week for the first week and then adjust accordingly. 

Does my horse need time off afterwards?

This is a very common question and depends on each horse and what is presented on the day. Generally people like to give their horse the day off as imagine if you have a massage and then go to the gym straight afterwards. Unless there is an injury you can continue your normal riding regime, however we can discuss this on the day. 

Can I ride before or after?

It is preferred to ride your horse before the session but make sure they are fully dry and clean to ensure the most accurate assessment of your horse. You can ride afterwards as long as there is no injury or concern. 

What is involved in a session?

-Visual and dynamic evaluation of gait and posture

-Deep tissue full body sports massage  

-Application of Red light therapy- red light pad or cap for large area of pain. Red light torch for accupoints

-Soft tissue work, mobilisation techniques and stretches 

What tools are used in a session?

- Rockblades

- Red Light Therapy Pad/Wrap

- The Aah Red Light Torch

- The Red Light Poll Cap

- The Aah Blue Light Torch

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