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Horses have been in my life since I was a young girl. My passion for riding developed when I was 5 and I fell in love with dressage instantly. I learnt to ride with Heather Bone and once I could prove my dedication, then I was gifted a horse for my 11th Birthday . Now I'm sure everyone remembers there first horse, well mine was named lucky and didn't he teach me a lot - just as a perfect horse should. I then moved from Lucky onto a big Thoroughbred called Image.  Now Image was named after my partners Business; After- Image Renderers. Image was beautiful but he was unfortunately diagnosed with sacroiliac disease.

I went straight from school to a traineeship that allowed me to acquire my Certificate 3 in Horse Breeding with the bonus of being a NCAS Dressage Coach. I knew I wanted to pursue my passion for horses, which is when I went to work for Melanie and Linda Schmerglatt. While working for Melanie and Linda, I decided to purchase Garcia -my first dressage horse. I still own Garcia and we were ready to compete in Medium Tests. From Melanie and Linda Schmerglatt, I  then moved on to working for Emma Flavelle. I stayed with Emma Flavelle for over 7 years, while I was also working at Horseland. Working for Emma, I was able to gain a lot of hands on and riding experience with a variety of horses and their different temperaments.

In 2012, I was fortunate enough to be hand selected to be a para dressage groom for a rider at the London Olympics. However, the rider sadly just  missed out on qualifying but I became their full time competition groom. I was fortunate enough to travel across QLD for many competitions as well as big competitions such as, Sydney Dressage Nationals and the CDI's in Brisbane and Sydney. 

In 2016 I began my studies to become an accredited Equine Massage Therapist with Equestricare. Early 2017 I became a fully accredited Equine Sports Massage Therapist and I started my business, Equalize Equine Therapy, and within 3 months it was fully operational with clients contacting me left, right and center! This is where my dreams became my reality. I now help horses and their owners to achieve the best results possible. I am so proud to call myself an equine body worker and my goal is to further my knowledge for the benefit of the horse.

2018 has allowed me to further my knowledge as an Equine Body Worker. During the years I have attended Gillian Higgins biomechanics and anatomy workshops, a Sharon May Davis dissection, Equinology EQ50 Anatomy course as well as spending some days shadowing with Equine Remedial Therapist and Human Physiotherapist Tony Fookes. 

As a rider, I know how important it is to  take care of our equine athletes and to keep their body as supple and pain free as possible. I am absolutely amazed with how quickly horses respond to treatment and my horse Garcia is a perfect example as he is now feeling the best he's ever felt. 

Please contact me if you would like your horse performing at there best. 

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